Outdoor Entertainment

Imagine your at a sports game and you are sitting right over the dugout watching the baseball game. Well with our smart home theater you can feel the same way with our awesome surround sound and our clear high-quality picture like your were sitting in the same game right with the players. 

Whole House Audio

From any room anywhere in the house you are able to stream your favorite online music playlist or access internet radio at the press of a button. You can also choose where it plays and control the volume of the sound. Your music can be enjoyed outdoors as well while swimming or just relaxing in the yard.

Media Room & Surround Sound

UHI would like to create you a high-def entertainment center that comes alive with clarity with our 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. We want you to see your movies , music, TV and games come to life in your new dimension of sound.

Home Theater System

This space is created to be more than just a place to watch a movie, it is created so you can draw yourself away from the open world to a world of isolation and action that comes to life. It is the perfect space to leave you family in the cine-magic world, go to spot for friends and family can share the big game events, or just a creative space to bring everything to life. With UHI products we can bring you space to life and make every penny of your investment well worth your journey. We can offer high quality picture and sound with our top notched equipment. We also work with some of your leading brands to bring you projectors, screens, audio systems and more.

We offer our one remote to simplify your experience in the smart world. You can set the remote to drop the screen, dim the lights (to your favorite setting), turn on the project and play your favorite move or show. This gives the true magic of your home theater system.