Our Story

Nu Lyfe Tiny Homes (Built By UHI)

We are locally owned in which we are based out of Tampa, FL. We are a small business who are on the lookout to help people who are looking to downsize to a smaller home. With the thought of people who want to rent apartments because they don’t want a lot of space or they want to downsize from a bigger home to a smaller home, we came up with a dream of people owning  tiny homes on wheels. The concept of owning a tiny home is they don’t have to worry about a 15 to 30 year mortgage loan, easy to maintain and can move location to location. 

Our homeowners have the choice to buy their new tiny home outright, finance through their own bank or finance through one of our lenders. We are inspired by helping college students, elderly or just people who want the chance to own their own custom Nu Lyfe tiny home. We welcome you to explore our website www.uniquehomes.biz to see all the aspects to having your new custom contemporary, modern or rustic tiny home built and delivered to your land or location of choice nationwide. Discover what tiny living is all about and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ready to place a custom order. We also take orders of any amount of builds if you want 2 or more call us for details.