Our Process


At Unique Home Improvement & More LLC we take the time to truly understand the technology needs of our residential and commercial clients. Our systems integration project approach encompasses a variety of phases that allow us to both fine tune and support your system, every step of the way.

First, we must begin with the meet & greet process, this is where you talk about your technology dreams and we start sketching your new reality layout. Our technology consultants and designers will sit down with you to discuss a variety of project aspects ranging from:

  • Project goals and objectives
  • Defining end-result performance requirements
  • Budgeting
  • Product specifications
  • And more

Additionally, we visit and spend time in your space, whether that be your home or business. We will be using that opportunity to test and research your current technology, networking, electrical and appliances. This will provide our team with an accurate vision of the environment we will be working in. We value this time we spend discussing and reviewing your project goals as it provides us with a successful installation foundation.


The most important element of our smart home and office technology installations is the design. Here at Unique Home Improvement & More LLC, we strive to create an environment with no messy wires, no large boxes, and no bulky remotes lying around. Simple, clean, and elegant is our motto.

The more the technology is hidden, that way it becomes a natural, intuitive part of your life. From improving the security, energy efficiency, and entertainment features within a home or business to optimizing workflow, Unique Home Improvement & More LLC prides itself on designing advanced electronic systems that truly provide added value.

So if you’re working on a new construction project or remodel, rest-assured that our integration professionals have what it takes to craft an elegant system that respects your design values.


Unique Home Improvement & More LLC is proud to employ top notch technicians, who understand what it means to be completed in a timely manner and to the highest expectations. Once we have your approval on your UHI system design plans along with pricing, we will begin to develop the plans and paperwork for your installation process. During the installation process we will keep you updated throughout the project. We assure you that your system will be reliable and easy to use.


The deployment of smart home and office technology solutions is the crowning achievement of any installation. Whether it’s the coding of scenes, commanded through your wireless lighting control and multi-room audio system, or the testing and configuration of conference room a/v, the team at Unique Home Improvement & More LLC takes great care in the integration and troubleshooting of your custom installation project.

Our specially trained technicians conduct an in-depth review of deployment readiness including calibration, performance testing, and tuning, ensuring all of your products and ancillary applications run smoothly across the entire system.

Service & Support:

Every good technology professional knows that a job is truly never complete, and at Unique Home Improvement & More LLC we take the commitment to our projects and more importantly our customers very seriously. We understand that it takes time to feel comfortable with your new smart home or office system and that not everyone will remember exactly how to work the system.

At Unique Home Improvement & More LLC we believe education and empowerment are key to the successful implementation of technology solutions in the home and business, which is why we train all customers on how to operate their new installed technology. We’ll walk you through how to easily control your streaming audio or motorized shades with a smartphone, while business owners can also rest assured that we will fully train all office and sales staff on the ins-and-outs of your new security, A/V and digital signage solutions.

Aside from training, UHI also offers technical support to all of our customers because you can count on us to fix a bug, tweak a setting, and be your anything tech.