Do you have Questions?

Our build time is normally 10-14 weeks or more depending on the model chosen.  

Yes, We can ship anywhere in the United States.

Yes, we can build off grid units to customer’s specs.


Most of our appliances and products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If other problems occur then you can submit a ticket on our website.



Yes, we can provide financing for your new Nu Lyfe Tiny Home or Office.

We custom build to a customer’s specs and also carry base models kits and shells that are available for sale.

We are members of Noah.org members, our custom trailers are designed for our tiny house RVs & Park Models (ADU).

As of May 2018 we have been in business for 2.5 years.

Similar to RV units, zoning ordinances regarding tiny homes can vary from state-to-state, and even from county-to-county. Many jurisdictions have communities specifically designed to host tiny homes as permanent residences. To learn more about these communities visit https://www.tinyhomebuilders.com/help/tiny-house-parking-guid

Yes, Nu Lyfe tiny homes & offices on wheels are built to be solid and sturdy along with the ability to remove the wheels and strap down to the ground like a manufactured home. High-quality materials and building techniques are used when constructing our tiny homes/offices. They are much more durable than a typical RV and are built to last. Although they are mobile, when built on a foundation, they are as solid as a traditional home.

Tiny homes are residential units typically under 400 square feet; they share similar traits with RVs and mobile homes. Tiny homes can be designed to be mobile, or can be converted for a stationary setting, provided there are the necessary utility hookups.

Tiny homes are highly customizable, and many of our products are installed with custom parts, furnishings, and even entire room spaces to fit your needs and budget. Many tiny home owners choose to rent out their Tiny Home, providing an extra source of income with less of the upkeep and maintenance required on traditional rental units.

We do all kinds of fully integrated Smart Home systems incorporating everything from audio & video media systems to climate control, lighting control and surveillance. We have a tremendous depth of knowledge working in new construction custom homes, condos, high-rises, and even 100 year old homes. We’ve even worked in commercial offices and restaurants. We can do a one room home theater or media room or a whole house system involving every electronic system you have, or anything in-between. We use an immaculate hardware available and can design the perfect system that works for your every need. We also can create a plan that allows you to operate some smart technologies products now, with the options for others to be added over time. It’s up to you! Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

We’ve installed Smart Technologies in homes and businesses throughout the Tampa Bay & surrounding areas including St. Louis, Missouri. We’re thrilled that our clients trust our business so much that they willing to wait on us to take care of their properties anywhere.

Having a Smart Home or business allows you to integrate & control many systems within your home with simple “single app” control from anywhere. AllAccess Global Innovations can turn your home into a mindful environment that is always in tune with your life under your effortless command. We can integrate hundreds of media, lighting, communications, and systems into one structure you can control with a touch of a button.


If you think about it, you would never buy a new vehicle without Bluetooth capability or automated climate controls anymore. Now cars today have mobile digital navigation, proximity sensors, streaming music, hands free mobile, backup cameras, and internet access. Having a home or business without some smart home or office technology will soon be unacceptable to most home and business owners. With proper planning it will allow for future expansion with minimal invasion. Ask us how.

Think about your lifestyle. Ask yourself what automated solutions would make your life easier and more pleasant. Do you want the ability to listen to your music collection virtually anywhere in your house? Do you want all of the lights in your house to go off when you leave? Do you want to be able to check on your home from anywhere in the world to make sure it’s secure?


Whether wired or wireless, you can automate practically any electronic device in and around your home or office. You can automate your swimming pool or spa, inside and outside lights, electronic gates, sprinkler system, garage doors, music, movies, television, heating and cooling, security system, door locks, security cameras, and on and on. The possibilities are virtually endless.

While AllAccess Global Innovations home and office  automation solutions are simple enough for everyone in your house or office to use, your system will be a complex design, linking multiple devices in your home or office to make it possible for them to communicate over a network. Basically this is the kind of work that requires a professional with the tools, training and experience to understand how to get everything working together. AllAccess Global Innovations is equipped to work closely with you, from starting your designing layout and installing your system to teaching everyone in the house or office how to use it. AllAccess Global Innovations will also provide ongoing 24/7 support and upgrades after the system is up and operating.

While AllAccess Global Innovations automation can be installed in any dwelling, the strength of your network and wiring is extremely important. The type of wiring recommended for a home or office automation system is called “structured wiring”—a wiring foundation that provides an effective communications infrastructure for home or office networking and telecommunications.


With new construction, plans can be made in advance so you can figure out where you want all of your Ethernet connections to be, and you may want to run additional cabling throughout your home or office for future expansion. With an existing home or office, the installer will want to minimize the number of holes that will need to be cut in the walls.


But that doesn’t mean you’re severely limited if you have an existing home or office. There are many ways to wire an existing home or office, and because some of AllAccess Global Innovations devices are wireless, you’re not restricted by wires running in your walls. Our sales staff can help you come up with the best solutions, depending on your situation. At the very least, you will need one or more Ethernet cables and an Internet connection.

Smart Home and Office equipment wasn’t created equal! There can be a huge difference in the reliability between “off-the-shelf” systems and the ones we provide. And managing all those apps that don’t communicate with each other can be a pain. Since Smart Homes and Office rely on the quality of the infrastructure to give service you can count on, it’s important to know what hardware and wiring is going into your home before it’s installed and connected. Call us to learn more about the time-tested hardware and systems we use and why we work so hard to make sure your system will work well before we even install it in your home or office.